Saturday, September 30, 2006


PredatorGate: The Cover-Up Unravels

From FireDogLake about an hour and a half ago:

Breaking CNN… BOMBSHELL!!!!! Thomas Reynolds issues a statement that says Hasstert knew a LONG time ago about Foley. He told him himself.
It was CNN's own Dana Bash with the story. So much for Hastert's efforts to pressure Boehner and the WaPo to cover for him! Guess Tom Reynolds wanted some more company in the jail cell he'll be sharing with Mark Foley, John Boehner, and Rodney Alexander. Or else he was disgusted that Hastert expected him and Boehner to take a bullet for him. Either way, the cover-up is unraveling. UPDATE: Roll Call (by way of Atrios) confirms Dana Bash's CNN report. Hastert's not only caught covering it up back then, he's caught trying to continue the cover-up. UPDATE 2: Josh Marshall points out the contradictory and ever-changing nature of the statements coming out of the mouths of Hastert, Boehner and Alexander. UPDATE 3: Josh Marshall shows Dennis Hastert trying out yet another variation of his Sergeant Schultz Defense ("I knew nothing!") -- and then Josh shows us how Representative John Shimkus (R-MO), Chairman of the House Page Board, has shown that once again, Denny Hastert is lying.

The slug Mitch Berg mentioned your name on the radio today. Way to go in getting under his skin.
Heh! Maybe I should put up a post welcoming his listeners.
So which post of mine (or Charles', or MEC's) ticked him off? Or was it just a general ticked-off-ed-ness on his part?
How sweet it is to watch them fall.
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