Friday, September 15, 2006


PW's Friday News Roundup

1) Hard on the heels of Mary Landrieu earning her keep for a change, Barbara Boxer hit the Senate floor with a copy of the FCC study that former Bush-appointed FCC Chair Michael Powell had ordered destroyed because it showed that media concentration (i.e., The Borg Effect) hurts local media coverage. (It also has helped ruin America's national media coverage, but that goes without saying.) 2) IAEA to Bushistas: Will you PLEASE S.T.F.U. About Iran, Dammit!?! From the AP

A recent House of Representatives committee report on Iran's nuclear capability is "outrageous and dishonest" in trying to make a case that Tehran's program is geared toward making weapons, a senior official of the U.N. nuclear watchdog has said.

The letter, obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday outside a 35-nation board meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, says the report is false in saying Iran is making weapons-grade uranium at an experimental enrichment site, when it has in fact produced material only in small quantities that is far below the level that can be used in nuclear arms.
Any guesses on whether this gets as much US media coverage as, say, JonBenet's fake killer's fake confession?

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