Saturday, September 23, 2006


Revisiting What Could Have Been

In light of the sadly ironic milestone reached yesterday, and of the discussions of the colossal and epic disaster that is George W. Bush's foreign policy, I went back and looked at 2001: A Timeline Of What Could Have Been. If only Sandra Day O'Connor had known in December of 2000 what she knows now -- and had the moral fiber to act on that knowledge -- that timeline could be our current reality.

Sandra O'Connor isn't the only "moderate" who did the wrong thing that day. If only Justice Kennedy had been more concerned about the Constitution than about the mythical "civil order".
True. But to judge from some of her recent public statements, just before and just after leaving the SCOTUS, she may actually regret what she did. I don't know if the same can be said for Anthony Kennedy.
In light of what we now know about Joe, though, the notion of him as Veep is disturbing. It might have simply put off the nightmare, if Joe Dearest went on to become Prez after Gore...

Still, interesting to think about, even if all it is is an exercise in mental masturbation at this point sans time machine...
I don't think Lieberman would have become President after Gore left office. Goodness knows he'd have tried, but he wouldn't make it through the primaries. I suspect that even after eight years as Gore's Veep, the American public would not have warmed to him sufficiently to overwhelm the anti-Semitic undercurrents in much of America (not to mention Holy Joe's own shortcomings).

The point of the exercise is to point out that There Is A Difference between the two parties, and it's not just one of degree, but of kind. 9/11 would never have happened if Al Gore was in the White House on that day. 100,000 Iraqis would still be alive and that country wouldn't be a flayed corpse torn this way and that by various warlords. We'd all be better off in ways that the timeline only begins to hint at.
Please don't blame Bush. He didn't know. Apparently he was only taking orders.
Ah, but from whom, Larry?

Until I know who to blame, I'll blame Bush.
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