Monday, September 11, 2006


Slow News Day

The PANistas tried to put together a demo in Mexico City and it was, um, thinly attended. Sort of like the Freeper pro-war rallies, but with the participants dressed in white and demo monitors dressed in green. Image via SdP Caption: Artificial reproduction, just like with FeCal. Top This is how it was Bottom This is how the PANistas saw it No to burning ballots In Chiapas, two radish and flower farmers arrested. Eighty friends and relatives are camped out by the jail in San Cristobal de las Casas. The men are charged with farming in an ecological reserve. This particular "ecological reserve" includes a highway and broadcast towers. In Nayarit, an altercation between members of the PRD and members of Calderon's security. Photos for the curious In Oaxaca, the cousin of the Mexican entrepreneur Alfredo Harp HelĂș, Juan Fride Ruiz Harp, was beaten by police and detained at 6AM. The cops tried to blame the citizen protestors, but family of the victim say the cops attacked him. Proceso has a good cartoon, showing little Felipe behind a podium, a black eagle and snake as the new Mexican symbol, a small Felipe overshadowed by a huge Esther Elba Gordillo wearing the presidential sash and labeled The Presidential Pair, Mrs. Vicente Fox and the Fox kids with a burglar's bag labeled The New Charity, a wall of police as the new cabinet, and the new presidential spokesman saying, "what the bald guy in glasses meant to say was...". Sdp reports a rumor that Luis Tellez of the Carlyle Group will be appointed Secretary of Energy. Miguel Angel Rivera is somewhat optimistic that conflicts except in Oaxaca can be talked through. Why, I can't really say, but maybe someone else can figure that out.
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