Sunday, September 10, 2006


Thank You, Tom Shales

In his review of The Path to 9/11, media critic Tom Shales points out what everybody else in the So-Called Liberal Media is ignoring:

The impression given is that Clinton was spending time on his sex life while terrorists were gaining ground and planning a nightmare. It would have made as much sense, and perhaps more, to cut instead to stock footage of a smirking Kenneth Starr, the reckless Republican prosecutor largely responsible for distracting not just the president but the entire nation with the scandal.
His opinion of the docudrama can be summarized in two words: "It stinks." No, I'm not watching it.
I spent my evening identifying. learning about, and contributing to Democratic candidates.

The determination with which ABC/Disney broadcast material that everyone knew to be false made it plain: these people cannot be reasoned with. They do not have the fear that a conscience gives one. One can defeat them and wrest power from their hands, and tell them what they are going to do on penalty of what consequences, but one cannot persuade them to do the right thing.

The abuse of the public airwaves ABC has committed makes an excellent case that it should be nationalized and sold off in small chunks. They are a tenant who has, despite several warnings, crapped on an expensive Persian rug.
One cannot honestly bring up the stained dress without mentioning WHY and HOW we found out about the stained dress -- or the fact that the affair that brought about the stained dress had long since ended when Starr and his Republican masters found out about it.
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