Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The Third Front

Viet Vet and Toronto Sun columnist Eric Margolis says: As Canadian, American and British soldiers continue to die in Afghanistan, it is time the truth be told about this ugly little war. Much of what we've so far been told by our governments and media has been untrue, wishful thinking, or crass jingoism. The respected European think tank, Senlis Council, which focuses on Afghanistan, just reported the Taliban is "taking back Afghanistan" and now controls that nation's southern half. According to Senlis, southern Afghanistan is suffering "a humanitarian crisis of starvation and poverty. "U.S. policies in Afghanistan have re-created the safe haven for terrorism that the 2001 invasion aimed to destroy," Senlis found.... What the West calls "Taliban" is actually a growing coalition of veteran Taliban fighters led by Mullah Dadullah, other clans of Pashtun tribal warriors, and nationalist resistance forces under Jalalladin Hakkani and former prime minister Gulbadin Hekmatyar. Many are former mujahadeen once hailed as "freedom fighters" by the West, and branded "terrorists" by the Soviets. The UN's anti-narcotic agency reports narco-state Afghanistan now supplies 92% of the world's heroin. Production surged 20% last year alone.... Drug money fuels the Afghan economy and keeps local warlords loyal to the U.S.-installed Kabul regime. 1. Our government is lying to us. 2. The insurgency is being fueled by hunger and insecurity. 3. We are supporting narcotraffickers. These are things to think about as the Bush Administration makes plans to intensify its war on Iran.
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