Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Time For The GOP's Ron Carey To Come Clean

It's so funny watching the local Republicans biting their own tails in frustration over poll results they don't like. As Minnesota Poll director Rob Daves says, why aren't the Republicans whining about the poll results in the GOVERNOR'S race? The methodology and sample set are the same for the Senate and Governor's races. Yet the GOP whines like Dudley Dursley when he only get thirty-five birthday presents instead of thirty-six. Meanwhile, speaking of the Minnesota GOP: When is someone going to demand that GOP state party chair Ron Carey apologize for his past ties to -- and leadership of -- the Minnesota branch of the anti-Semitic Christian Coalition, founded by known anti-Semite Pat Robertson, who backed anti-Semitic KKK leader David Duke in Duke's 1992 run for Governor of Louisiana? (Of course, the Christian Coalition and other similar extremist churches are now trying to hide their anti-Semitism by saying that they "support Israel". Yeah -- as the starting point for the end of the world. And the conservative churches like Robertson's definitely support their percieved "right" to "save" Jews from being, you know, Jewish -- and, alas, to kill them if they don't stop being Jews.) If Ron Carey's going to make bogus claims about Keith Ellison's past, I'm more than justified in bringing up Ron Carey's past and his associates.

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