Friday, September 08, 2006


To achieve perfect transparency, the ballots have to be burned.

I guess they have a Ken PozoNegro at the elections institute IFE. They are refusing to let Proceso or anyone examine the ballots from the election. They are urging that the ballots be burned. I doubt that local officials will need much encouragement. And who cares that it's illegal, a total violation of the sunshine laws? WELCOME, FELIPE!. Image from Ahumada at La Jornada. The background is the presidential palace, Los Pinos. Fighting continues in Oaxaca,. Among other things, the citizens group, APPO, has grabbed some transit workers, accusing them of striking a 16 year old.
Yes, a 16 year old who was in company with a group that was engaging in "closing down government offices and painting slogans on walls", and who had jumped a fence to disrupt the operations there.

I'm curious. Are you championing this violent insurrection? Are you rooting for civil war?
I'm curious as to whether you are incapable of admitting that you have made horrific errors of understanding.

But I doubt that I'll get get an answer to that and will have to draw my own conclusion.

As for the group in Oaxaca, that's what people who have a clue about what is going on in Mexico is concerned about: complete corruption by politicians like Ulises Ruiz Ortiz leading to social collapse.

The only people in favor of violence is the government. It keeps attention off thir failures,
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