Sunday, September 10, 2006


Was "United 93" also propaganda?

Slandering an individual to turn Americans against a traditional ally The movie "United 93" shows how American heroes take on the hijackers -- but only after a German passenger has tried to persuade them not to. The movie is described as "meticulously researched" and "fact-based", but there is not any indication that Christian Adams, deputy directory of the German Wine Institute and a Fulbright Alumnus, acted in the cowardly appeasing way he is portrayed in the movie.
Hmm. Wasn't Germany right up there with France in trying to stop Bush's war juggernaut?
Hence the Orwellian use of the German as a symbol of Old Europe holding back the brave United States from defending itself.

If you didn't live through Stalinism in the 1930s/40s, you can get a sip of what it might have been like by watching the propaganda of today.
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