Saturday, September 09, 2006


We Don't Need No Steenking Plan!

Brigadier General Mark Scheid has revealed that there was no plan for an orderly occupation of Iraq after the invasion because Donald Rumsfeld said he would fire anyone who worked on a plan. It was entirely a political decision:

"He said we will not do that because the American public will not back us if they think we are going over there for a long war."
My first question is, if General Scheid is telling us this now, why couldn't he do the right thing, the honorable thing, the patriotic thing and tell us about it before the 2004 elections?
Because he's probably a Republican, fearful of losing his job, meek before authority, and easily able to set his conscience aside after making bad desicions.

There actually is a "typology" that applies to these sorts.

I know that you know that, but too many members of the electorate do not, or things would be quite different.
This also shows that Rumsfeld and the other PNAC Platoonies KNEW that any US invasion of Iraq was going to be a long-term affair (read: quagmire) from the beginning. But they wanted those bases so badly, nothing else mattered -- or matters now.
Any serious plan would have revealed the Iraq plan to be impossible without a draft.

The refusal to plan was a deliberate act to get us in and then force the American people to bail Bushco out of their own mess.
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