Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Wednesday Morning News Roundup

-- DFA's Blog for America notes a CBS story on the bogus recount in Mexico:

Top Court Upholds Ruling Party Candidate's Slim Victory In Disputed Vote

Felipe Calderon became president-elect of Mexico on Tuesday, two months after disputed elections, when the nation's top electoral court voted unanimously to reject allegations of fraud and certify his narrow victory. His leftist rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, had said he won't recognize the ruling. His supporters wept as the decision was announced and the courthouse shook as protesters set off fireworks outside. "This has been fraudulent from start to finish," said Claudio Martinez, 23.
-- BradBlog notes two contradictory headlines: "Lopez Obrador's Support Dwindling" (from the Miami Herald, which seems to always push the right-wing stance on Latino issues), and a Bloomberg piece, Calderon to Embrace Rival's Agenda (but why should FeCal embrace AMLO's agenda if AMLO's support really is "dwindling" -- unless, of course, it isn't?). -- Just like in Iraq, Bush's "Mission Accomplished" in Afghanistan really isn't: Pakistan Cuts Deal With Taliban Forces. -- Just in case anyone still thought that Thomas Kean's and Lee Hamilton's opinions on terrorism meant anything, Sibel Edmonds is here to set them straight:
[Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton] are consistent in doing nothing and proclaiming that to be a sign of their devotion to the country and the government. [Samuel] Beckett once said that “habit is the ballast that chains the dog to its vomit,” and by this measure the chain restraining Kean and Hamilton is a short one indeed.
And there you go.

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