Thursday, September 21, 2006


Why we fight

London Independent: The republic of fear is born again. The state of terror now gripping Iraq is as bad as it was under Saddam Hussein. Torture in the country may even be worse than it was during his rule, the United Nation's special investigator on torture said yesterday. "The situation as far as torture is concerned now in Iraq is totally out of hand," said Manfred Nowak. "The situation is so bad many people say it is worse than it had been in the times of Saddam Hussein."... The brutal tortures committed in the prisons of the regime overthrown in 2003 are being emulated and surpassed in the detention centres of the present US- and British-backed Iraqi government. "Detainees' bodies show signs of beating using electric cables, wounds in different parts of their bodies including in the head and genitals, broken bones of legs and hands, electric and cigarette burns,... The Iraqi state and much of society have been criminalised." Thank God for the UN, getting around to reporting what we knew a year ago. We invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein .....was working with the people who attacked us on 9/11 .....had weapons of mass destruction .....used proscribed weapons of war .....tried to kill my father .....was a brutal dictator who tortured his own people
It seemed like a good idea at the time?

The Army was getting bored with Afghanistan?

We were just in the neighborhood and thought we'd drop... bombs?
I really think that "we got confused between Iraq and Iran" is more likely to fly, Eli. The one thing everyone can agree upon about the Bush Administration is that they bring new meaning to the word "stupidity."
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