Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Your (Not At All) Liberal Media

Another day, another frothing right-wing nutjob hired by the WaPo. Gee, the Washington Post would never have hired any of Clinton's old speechwriters. Not unless they thought they could get them to write nasty things about Bill and Hill and the gang.

How sad the lack of mainstream reporting on Mexico and South America, unless it is about the dangers of socialism. Read a good piece in the London Times online about the "path to 9/11" beginning way back in the Ottoman Empire and building from there, and then other info about the politics of the colonial imperials etc. I'm wondering when will we reap our rewards for remaining silent about the atrocities that occur in our hemisphere? Of course, the media remain silent about the atrocities occurring in D.C. too.

Many thanks for your reporting.
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