Thursday, October 12, 2006


And We Shall Be Saved By Vast Piles Of Burning Turkey Dung

Sounds farfetched, but then again, just a few short months ago, so did the idea that the Democrats might actually win both the House and the Senate. I'm just surprised that I didn't hear about this earlier. I think it's a neat way to deal with excess turkey poop, generate clean power, and provide low-cost fertilizer:

NEW YORK - Turkey leftovers will take on a whole new use after a Minnesota company finishes construction of a power plant fired by the birds’ droppings. It may not be the total answer to relieving the United States’ addiction to foreign oil, but the plant will burn 90 percent turkey dung and create clean power for 55,000 homes. Three poultry litter plants have already been built in England, but the Benson, Minnesota-based facility will be the first large-scale plant of its type in the U.S. and the largest in the world, according to operator Fibrominn, a subsidiary of power plant builder Homeland Renewable Energy, LLC of Boston. [...] The 55-megawatt plant will burn 700,000 tons of dung a year and produce fertilizer as a by-product, a process that will keep phosphorus and nitrates found in the raw litter from seeping into water supplies, said Grecco. No extra amounts of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide would be emitted than would be naturally emitted as the dung decomposes, said Grecco.
Sounds good to me. I'd rather deal with turkey poop than radioactive fuel rods. Besides, you can't make fertilizer out of fuel rods.

Considering the Republicans have controlled Washington for 12 years, this entire post is one huge straight line.
Comparing turkey dung to the Republicans in Washington is actually insulting to turkey dung. Turkey dung can be put to several good uses.
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