Saturday, October 07, 2006


CNN, AmericaBlog: Another GOP Congressman Sex Predator May Be Outed Soon

A couple of days ago, CNN's Dana Bash reported the following news on the air to Wolf Blitzer:

But Wolf, the anxiety here I can tell you is not going away. And one of the reasons for that, according to one Republican lawmaker I spoke to today, is because there is anxiety over rumors that they're hearing that there could be another congressman that could get caught up in a sex scandal. Now, we need to make it clear that we don't have independent verification of that. But this Republican lawmaker said that that is a main reason why the GOP jitters are continuing, because these rumors continue to fly, Wolf.
As Kos diarist JellyPuddin notes, Dana Bash stated that after a GOP conference call the Republicans were "scurrying around trying to close all leaks and come up with a way to make this a democrat issue". When Wolfe Blitzer questioned Dana on live TV about what was happening and what was discussed during the GOP conference call held to stem off the Foley scandal, she was to the point in stating that the Republicans she talked to had referenced a fear that much more than the Foley situation had surfaced in fact more sexual activity had been uncovered and discussed and it was not Foley but it was a different GOP member. Right after Dana Bash uttered the above-quoted passage, Blitzer immediately cut away from her for some "breaking news" -- and when he returned to Dana, he made a point of avoiding the topic of a possible second Republican pedophile Congressman. But Dana Bash was apparently not the only person out there who was aware of the rumors of a second GOP chickenhawk. Check out Jon Aravosis over at America Blog:
Denny Hastert has put me in a difficult position. I've heard rumors. Unsubstantiated talk. No proof yet. But I've heard things. Just like I heard things about Mark Foley this past July. This time I've heard things about a relatively senior Republican member of the House, and also about someone on the Speaker's own staff. Both rumors seem relevant to this story as it's unfolding. So here's my dilemma. Denny Hastert says that if I don't report the unsubstantiated allegations I've heard, I'm a criminal. But the thing is, I'm also a journalist, and a good human being. I don't think it's right to print unsubstantiated rumors I've heard, rumors that could make life quite difficult for this Republican congressman and this senior member of Hastert's staff. So what do I do? Do I publish unsubstantiated rumors about a GOP congressman and one of Denny Hastert's top aides? I don't want to, I don't think it's right, but Denny Hastert says he'll sic the FBI on me for hurting children if I don't. And he'll probably end up blaming Nancy Pelosi if my rumors turn out to be true and I didn't go public with them. So what do I do? Maybe I'll just call Denny Hastert's office on Monday, tell them what I've heard, and let them decide how comfortable they are with the Speaker's new standard of justice.
We may be looking at 1936 again, kiddies. Democratic veto-proof majorities in both Houses.

As Peggy Noonan would say, it would be irresponsible not to speculate.

And since this predator might well be heterosexual, the field for speculation is HEUUUUGE.

Could it be Tom Feeney?
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