Saturday, October 14, 2006


Compare and Contrast

"Values voters", please take note: The Democratic Party has withheld endorsement from Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) because he's under investigation for bribery (with some pretty compelling evidence, i.e. $100,000 hidden in his freezer). Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH) has pled guilty to bribery; but the Republican leaders have let him continue to collect a paycheck, and have only made vague promises to expel him after the elections. That same Republican leadership is still downplaying the Foley scandal, seeing it solely in terms of partisan interests.

Quibble: it was $90K

Also, remember that the FBI raided Jefferson in May. In the face of Congressional complaints, Bush um froze the evidence for forty five days. That time was up long ago, and the FBI STILL hasn't charged Jefferson with a crime. I think it's likely he never will be.

So, the Ney-Jefferson contrast is even stronger.
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