Monday, October 09, 2006


EEEEEK! North Korea's Gonna Get Us! (Erm, Maybe Not.)

EEEEEEK! EEEEEEK! North Korea says it set off a nuke! Now we must leap into the arms of Dear Leader Bush and his GOP minions! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! Not so fast, people. It's looking more and more like the North Koreans either blew up a ton of conventional explosives (in order to fake the sesmic effects of a nuke blast), or that they tried a baby nuke and it fizzled. As Kevin Drum notes, there's a suspicious lack of radioactivity near the site of the alleged nuke blast. Given that the North Korean military isn't exactly staffed with state-of-the-art technicians and equipment (as anyone following their missile tests could tell you), nobody believes that they could pull off a "clean" nuke test. Oh, and full marks go to Arms Control Wonk for catching the AP's reporter selectively editing the French defense minister's dismissive comments on the test so that they were made to support the "EEEEEK! SCARY!" meme that BushCo and its media enablers are pushing.

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