Thursday, October 05, 2006


Florida breaks law to keep sleazebag's seat in Republican hands

Joel Hood in Florida Sun-Sentinel: (order of paragraphs has been inverted for clarity) Florida law stipulates that Foley's name must remain on the ballot because he dropped out of the race after the primary election results were certified.... The Florida Division of Elections has cleared the way for polling places throughout the 16th Congressional District to post signs alerting voters that Joe Negron has taken the place of former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley on the Nov. 7 ballot. [Democrats and legal experts complained that] such signs would promote one candidate over the other, perhaps violating state law that prohibits campaign material within 100 feet of polling locations... The letter [from Florida Dem chairwoman] also said notices identifying the Republican candidate had been sent out with absentee ballots in Martin County, and demanded that those votes be disqualified. But Martin County Elections Supervisor Vicki Davis denied sending out any ballots with such notices. The bottom line is that Foley was forced to resign because of his contemptible actions. Special efforts, using taxpayer funds, are being taken to keep the seat in Republican hands. This is plain wrong. (h/t eeff
Watch the US media and BBC who were so horrified by Lula's party spending money to publicize the corruption of his opponent think this is A-OK.

Double standard is standard in the English media.
Their scamming is in vain; the latest polling has Negron losing by seven points no matter what name he uses.
It's many days to Election Day, PW, Negron is well-known, and it's a tough district.

I wouldn't count him out.
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