Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Foley: "Being Gay Made Me A Pedo!"

So now Mark Foley's had his first post-resignation press conference, and he tells us that a) he's gay, b) he was molested by a priest, and c) he's an alcoholic. This is all intended to excuse his behavior. Well, the alcoholic part of the story has already been called into serious question by his friends and associates. And few people are buying the molested-by-a-priest gambit, either. To top it all off, Foley -- to the disgust of the vast majority of gays who DON'T molest kids -- has essentially stated that being gay made him a pedophile. Great. Foley spends his entire life in the lucrative mink-lined closet provided him by the Palm Beach branch of the GOP, and when he does pop out it's to reinforce the "gay equals pedophile" mindset beloved of the right wing. Lovely.

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