Friday, October 06, 2006


Food Stamp Republican Outed Alleged Foley Accuser

Get a load of the guy who went after a page he thinks is one of the ones who was victimized by Mark Foley:

William Kerr can't afford to buy a cafe mocha at Starbucks. He has to find an electrical outlet for his beat-up laptop because the battery doesn't work. But Kerr used his laptop this week to write a blog post that started a national media frenzy and led to threats against him and his family. Kerr, 32, of Moore is the blogger who Wednesday revealed the identity of [outed page], a 21-year-old working for Rep. Ernest Istook's gubernatorial campaign who may be involved in the Mark Foley congressional page scandal. Kerr posted [page]'s name and age, along with a rundown of how he connected the Californian with sexually explicit instant messages from Foley. [...] He doesn't try to hide his past; he pleaded guilty to burglary in 1994 and once was arrested for possessing marijuana. The burglary charge was dismissed in 1997 after he had no further run-ins with the law, according to court records. "I was reckless," Kerr said. "I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life." Kerr moved to Kansas City for a few years before returning to Oklahoma about a year and a half ago. That's when he started his blog. Kerr calls himself a conservative, and the posts on his blog reflect his ideology. He began working for an Internet radio station this summer. It doesn't pay the bills, though. Kerr is a stay-at-home dad. He hates the idea of putting his kids in day care. So he and his wife try to make ends meet on less than $20,000 a year. "We might go broke," Kerr said as he wiped tears from his eyes. "We're on food stamps. If we go broke, we go broke. But my kids aren't going to day care."
Um, then why don't you get a job at the night shift at a gas station or a fast-food joint, Mister Food Stamp Republican? That way the kids have someone to watch them all the time and you might be able to feed them something other than macaroni and cheese. But here's my favorite line of the whole deal:
Kerr said he didn't begin looking into the Foley scandal with the thought of making money. He hopes his work could lead to a better radio job.
So he didn't do this for the money, but he hopes he'll make money from it. Ooooohkay. Somebody should tell him that the big Republican sugar daddies aren't hiring right now. They've already got all the on-air wackos they care to subsidize, and they're rapidly hitting the saturation point for internet sugar-teat-suckers as well. You have to have large breasts and be willing to shove them in John Bolton's face to get more than a few bucks out of the conservative money-men nowadays. UPDATE: Looks like Idiot Boy Kerr's going to be paid a visit by men in black suits very soon:
WASHINGTON -- The FBI is investigating a possible threat against the north Louisiana teenager who was on the receiving end of suggestive e-mails from disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley, a Louisiana congressman said Tuesday. Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-Quitman, said Tuesday that the young man's life wasn't threatened, "but close to it." "There are people out there who feel like he is the one who (accused) Foley," Alexander said. "There are some bloggers out there who sent him some ugly stuff."
Can Instapundit, Drudge and Roger L. Simon share Kerr's jail cell when this is all done? So they won't feel so lonely there, don't you know.

You hit the nail on the head. The guy is everything that's wrong in our country -- a dead-beat loser who professes to be holier-than-thou. Problem is, this might wind up being one more bit of publicity for this creep, like the WSJ's front page article on him today...
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