Thursday, October 05, 2006


Fox Guards Henhouse. Hitler Calls Churchill A War Criminal.

And disgraced ex-FBI chief and former Republican judge Louis Freeh is tapped by Dennis Hastert for "independent" investigation of PredatorGate. For those who weren't paying attention during the 1990s, Louis Freeh, a partisan Republican judge, was appointed to run the FBI by Bill Clinton in a friendly gesture of true bipartisanship. Freeh repaid Clinton's kindness by constantly stabbing him in the back, so much so that he grossly neglected his actual job -- such as when he blew off his nominal boss Janet Reno's warning that he needed to beef up the FBI's intelligence and information-sharing capabilities as Al-Qaeda ramped up its terror efforts. Also part of the "fair and balanced" probe: – Right-wing pundit Bill Bennett
– Lobbyist and politician Susan Molinari
– Former Rep. Bill Paxon (R-NY), aka Mr. Susan Molinari

Oh, and Paxon was also the immediate predecessor of Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY), and has already publicly defended Reynolds’ role in the Foley scandal. Charming. UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi told Hastert to go pound salt, apparently. Hastert's "fair and balanced" panel may be stuffed with GOP partisan hacks, but Freeh won't be one of them.

Who better to lead the coverup?

I seem to recall Paxon was involved in a sex scandal of his own.
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