Friday, October 13, 2006


Friday Cat Blogging

Caption: Every cat's self-image.
Meow! :X (<---- cat w/whiskers)
The DETROIT TIGERS won Game 3, 3-0!
Why am I not surprised that you folks haven't posted a story about Air America filing for Chapter 11?

Guess all those failed artists, humanities grad students and aging hippies weren't the ideal audience to deliver to advertisers, eh?
I guess you never heard of a little company called Dow Corning, Spectator.

They've been through Chapter 11, as have a bunch of other very profitable companies.

Fox News lost $500M in its first few years. The New York Post is still losing money.

But I guess someone too stupid to know these things definitely qualifies as stupid enough to make a post about Air America in a cat thread.
Don't forget The Washington Times, Charles. They've been around for a quarter-century and have lost $100 million a year of Sun Myung Moon's money during that time. Most newspapers would seriously consider folding if they lost five million dollars a year for five years in a row, but Father Moon is so anxious to curry favor with the GOP that he's burned through two and a half billion dollars to do it.

Why am I not surprised that Spectator doesn't know the difference between Chapter Eleven (which allows a company to operate as normal) and Chapter Seven bankruptcy?

Or that he doesn't know about Democracy Radio (which has twice as many stations as AAR and is the home of Ed Schultz), not to mention Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! network?

Or that he'd show off his ignorance in a cat thread?

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