Sunday, October 29, 2006


GOP vote fraud in California registers noncitizen

See? There is a problem with non-citizens being registered to vote: The Orange County district attorney's office has charged 11 people with fraudulent voter registration stemming from a Republican registration drive this year... The case has been an embarrassment for the Orange County Republican Party since it first became known in February. The charges come as the party finds itself reeling from a letter linked to GOP congressional candidate Tan Nguyen that was sent to Latino voters this month in what has been described as an effort to keep them from the polls in next month's election. Nguyen is running against Sanchez. ... The voter registration charges cover at least 37 instances in which Democratic and Green Party voters and even one noncitizen were registered as Republicans. To be fair, the registration contractor chosen by the GOP, Bader & Associates, turned in its own employees for the misdeeds. Still, it's ironic that about the only known case of a noncitizen being registered to vote was by the GOP.
It was probably an illegal immigrant. Which the Republicans will then say proves their point.
Eli, whenever the Republicans say there's a problem, I take them very seriously and assume they're probably responsible.

Think of all the hullaballoo they raised about sexual immorality. Turns out they were right!
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