Monday, October 16, 2006


Hypocrisy watch

Can we even try to stay up with all the lies and attempts to deceive of the Republican Party? I don't understand why these people don't die from shame. A couple of days ago, Curt Weldon was blaming the Democrats for circulating false stories about him being under investigation by the FBI over sweetheart deals for his daughter. Today, the FBI raided the home of his daughter and a friend, Charlie Sexton (via t/o). The Philadelphia gang should be all over this one. Yes. and yes and yes. Looks to me like it ties back into the dealings between Abramoff and the Russian oil barons that Bill Moyers talked about. Then there's this gem: Colorado Republican operatives who filed a lawsuit accusing a union of illegally taking campaign money from noncitizens were pursuing a strategy of using the issue of illegal immigration for political gain....Rob Fairbank, a former Republican state legislator turned consultant, filed the suit against the Mountain West Regional Council of Carpenters' small-donor committee, alleging that it took money from non-US citizens. Trailhead paid the legal fees. The lawsuit was dismissed Wednesday at the request of lawyers for both sides. The entire goal of this effort was to effect campaign-finance-rule changes they were seeking from Republican Secretary of State Gigi Dennis that would effectively hobble traditionally Democratic union donors....Republican lawyers attended a meet-and-greet with Dennis before going over their proposed rule changes with her in February. Some of those rules were implemented in August, and one required unions to get written permission from members before using dues for political purposes. Unions challenged the rules. A court ruled that Dennis had likely exceeded her authority by issuing the rule. Dennis said she was not aware of the Republican strategy. (Via t/o) They don't care about immigration. They want to muzzle free speech for their opponents. They are willing to file completely frivolous lawsuits. They are willing to lie in your face. They are Republicans.
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