Monday, October 02, 2006


The Impact Of PredatorGate

The deeply ironic beauty of PredatorGate is that it's the very homophobia that the GOP has wielded like a Ginsu knife for so long that is finally coming back to gouge deep chunks from their collective behinds. The fact that it's a man-on-boy scandal is enraging and depressing the right-wing evangelicals in a way that a man-on-girl scandal would not. The evangelicals will stay home in droves this fall unless the GOP Congress starts tacking hard to the right -- and if they do so TOO hard, the Republicans will alienate the soccer moms and the urban vote. Even if Foley's the only casualty here -- which is looking less and less likely with each passing day -- this is NOT what the Republicans wanted to be doing one month before the most important mid-term election in decades. To say that this is a distraction is like saying that Joe Montana could throw a football pretty good. The thing here is that for the first time in a long time, the normally-unified GOP front has broken down into several equally-strong warring factions, much like post-Saddam Iraq. There's no clear leader, no clear faction that's strong enough to subdue the other factions, and there probably won't be for at least another week. The mere fact that there is no functioning leadership of the GOP House Caucus -- that it has become "every man for himself" as Josh Marshall states -- will in itself cost the GOP two to five seats it otherwise would have won. Money that would have been spent on attack ads against Democratic opponents will now be spent on attorneys' fees. Effort that would have gone into campaign strategizing now is going into simply keeping out of the pokey. In a word, this is glorious.

I find great distress in the fact that you find glorious the abuse of a child, by any adult, republican or democrat, male or female, basically Foley should be brought up on charges, put on trial and convicted.

What that fact has to do with politics is beyond me as both parties are riddled with perverted, power abusive and power hungry politicians who cover up for each other.

And lastly, who knew about the IM's and for how long? Why were they not immediately turned into the local prosecutor? If it turns out they were held to promote a political end, those people need seriously prosecuted also.

By that's just the opinion of a drive by commentator...
Oh, I'm sure you're just so very heartbroken over what happened to the GOP pages, Fist.

So much so that you're going to condemn Dennis Hastert for asking Alberto Gonzales and the FBI to intimidate any more pages from coming forward, right? Right?

If Hastert -- or DeLay, or Reynolds, or Boehner, or Shimkus, or anyone else in the House GOP leadership -- was putting the pages' welfare first, Foley would have been gone in 2001. You know that and I know that. But Hastert and Company are too concerned about their own skins. That's why they're spending money on lawyers instead of attack ads. Awwwww!
Oh, and of course since you're All About The Kids, you will also condemn Matt Drudge's efforts to tar and slime them, right? Right?

Speak up, I can't hear you. Oh, you've run away. Figures.
Geez, this place is three feet deep in crocodile tears...

Oh. Fistandantulus was here and said:

who knew about the IM's and for how long? Why were they not immediately turned into the local prosecutor?

Did you ever stop to think that maybe the pages might have been afraid to have their names spread all over the papers? Or have been afraid of the retribution of a sitting congressman?

Oh, that's right. As a loyal Republican, you are not allowed to think about how the kids might feel.
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