Tuesday, October 03, 2006


In News That Surprises Absolutely No One...

...Fox News Revealed To Be In On The PredatorGate Cover-Up

Meanwhile, Florida newspapers -- who were leaked copies of the e-mail with the Louisiana boy last year -- defended their decision not to run stories. Both The St. Petersburg Times and The Miami Herald were given copies of the e-mail, as were other news organizations, including Fox News.
If we're lucky, FOX News may wind up being just as discredited as the GOP by the time this is all done.

Faux News can use same alibi as CBS and the New York Times: they were waiting until after the election because it would be "biased" to run a story that might influence the outcome.
Sorry, this is not in the right place. There was an article on DailyKos about Keith ellison and CAIR and I stated that CAIR was outside the mainstream. You asked me for evidence and I just saw the post today. Here is what I posted in response.

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From Wikipedia:
CAIR has received recognition and praise from high-ranking official of both the Democratic and Republican parties. On the other hand, the organization has also received great criticism, from a number of both governmental and non-governmental sources, for actions it has taken and people and organizations it has been involved with.

The greatest source of criticism has involved CAIR's ties to terrorism and terrorist groups. As of 2006, at least four CAIR officials have been charged with terrorism-related offenses. CAIR has also been accused by the FBI of raising money for terrorist groups through fraudulent means. Officials of CAIR have been reported advocating for the establishment of an Islamic theocracy to replace the current United States government, and praising controversial groups such as Hamas.

CAIR has also been accused of doctoring photographs and reporting fraudulent statistics about the Muslim population of the United States in support of its own private agenda. Finally, another source of criticism is that CAIR attempts to suppress criticism of Islamic terrorism and intolerance through accusations of racism and anti-Muslim
There's exactly as much connection between CAIR and terrorists as there is between the Bush Administration and terrorists. In fact,less.

Seriously. The most celebrated case is Luis Posada Carriles, who murdered dozens of innocent people by blowing up an airliner. He's under the protection of the Bush Administration.

But that's Cold War stuff. In the so-called "War on Terror," there have been several people accused of terrorism who were closely associated with Bush. Sami al-Arian is one. A fundraiser for Bush, photographed with the man at the White House, etc.

Two wrongs wouldn't make a right. However, you should be aware that Daniel Pipes is an extremist. One that the Bush Administration has chosen to elevate and that PBS continues to coddle, but an extremist, nevertheless.
One example on Pipes:

David Neiwert on Pipes justifying concentration camps for mass internment of Arabs/Muslims.
Ad hominim attackes get you nowhere. I am aware of Pipes views, but you do nothing to attack the message and only attack the messenger. CAIR has been outed a number of times besides by Pipes.
Pointing out that Daniel Pipes is neither an objective nor a credible source is not "attacking the messenger", only questioning the validity of the message.

You say "CAIR has been outed a number of times besides by Pipes." But the only instance you cite is Pipes. Got other cites?
By the way, AYD:

The National Jewish Democratic Council, as well as every local Jewish group that isn't run by a partisan Republican (in other words, Daniel Rosen doesn't count), backs Keith Ellison. Strongly. (They've met with him a number of times, most recently last week. They like him a lot.)
I did a lot more than attack Richard Pipes, and I think you know it, AYD. I mentioned the fact that Pipes has made eliminationist statements for your protection; if you cite extremists to substantiate your positions, people may infer that you support extremists. I hope you do not.

As for the Wikipedia piece, it's easy to throw around allegations about terrorism. I've shown you just how easy it would be to make the claim that Bush is in bed with terrorists. The allegations you present are vague and unsubstantiated: four officials (which ones?) have been charged (have the charges been tried?) Officials have been reported advocating (by whom?) Has been acused of doctoring phorographs (by whom?)

The fact that high officials, both Republican and Democratic have (according to the piece you cited) praised CAIR should have given you pause. Politicians are normally very wary about endorsing organizations.
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