Monday, October 09, 2006


Kolbe Confronted Foley In 2000

At last, we find evidence that a Republican congresscritter tried to do something about Foley in the past. Better yet, the congressman in question is Arizona's very gay Jim Kolbe, who the pages trusted as they never could trust Mark Foley. (Dear religious right whackaloons: In case Jim Kolbe's example wasn't proof enough for you, gay does NOT equal pedophile. In fact, most pedophiles are straight men, as Gavin De Becker and other experts on child safety will tell you.) Unfortunately, Kolbe not only isn't part of the GOP leadership and never was, he's been forced to retire because he's gay. Fortunately, the winner of the GOP primary to replace him, Randy Graf, is such a standard-issue archconservative nutbar that he is very likely to go down in defeat next month against Democrat Gabrielle Giffords.

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