Sunday, October 08, 2006


The Mexican Mafia

Oaxaca continues very tense and the gubernatorial election in Tabasco next Sunday, which the PRI is trying to buy and/or steal, is likely to prove to be the next flashpoint. But the story that caugh my eye is the following, because it illustrates how the PAN is not ideological, but a criminal enterprise, parasitic on real business. JEB! would appreciate this bit of perfidy. Juan Pablo Fox Quesada, brother of Mexican president Vicente Fox, apparently in collusion with Alfonso Romo Garza, former president of transgenics group Grupo Savia, tried to illegally obtain a pharmaceutical manufacturer and its patents, valued at $400M Edgar Arroyo, president of Grupo Industriales Aguascalientes recounted how he developed a product capable of modulating chronic degenerative diseases while investigating a treatment to heal his son of an apparently incurable disease. Juan Pablo Fox wanted a 50% stake, which seemed like an outrage to us. He entered with 25% participation. But he never put up cash or equivalents. Fox engaged in a long series of tricks to try to get Arroyo to sign papers to get the necessary funding. Arroyo's troubles just seemed to grow. The Aguascalientes police illegally detained him and beat and tortured him, demanding that he sign over his patents and businesses so that he could settle his problems with the people of "Mexico and Nuevo Leon" (a threadbare-veiled reference to the Fox family). One can draw ones own conclusions. Mine are that with the Fox sons in danger of indictment and the brother accused here of extortion, with persistent examples of narcotraffickers operating with impunity under the nose of the federal police, it seems clear to me that PAN is a criminal enterprise.
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