Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Mexico, October 31st

Well, if the local businesses of Oaxaca hadn't been ruined by the strike, they have been now. Federal troops um... searched them . (Image by Ezequiel Leyva from La Jornada And stole stuff. And crapped in them. They mostly stole small stuff. Sodas, potato chips, lunch meat... but also a television, a microwave, and so on. They knocked down the metal blinds of a newspaper kiosk on the pretext that arms might have been hidden there, but then just stole the magazines. You know. Establishing law and order and all. Several people were killed in the "peaceful" occupation of Oaxaca, including a nurse, Jorge Alberto López Bernal, and two kids. There are lots of burning tires and tear gas and people throwing rocks at the troops. That doesn't mean everyone is unhappy.Two thousand people marched in support of Governor Ortiz. They wore white shirts and blouses to make it clear they weren't military. But it's looking like the PAN may have to buy out Ortiz's contract. They joined with the PRD in inviting Ulises to leave. (Image from El Universal showing pro-Ruiz Ortiz march) There's a lot of anger that the troops entered the university and shut down the radio station. It was back on after a while, but now they have apparently cut electricity. Some very small and scratchy station is on the air. But if the government were serious about establishing order, it would make sure that media were operating so that people could discuss the situation. I suspect the occupation is going to cloy even with anti-APPO people very, very soon.
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