Saturday, October 07, 2006


Oaxaca on high alert against Operation Iron. October 6

It turns out that the Marines weren't authorized to land in Oaxaca. Just a humanitarian intervention gone off course, they say. Better liars, please. The Oaxaca protestors (APPO) charge that crooked Governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz has developed a plan to use 2,044 agents to confront... um... transgressors for the purpose of recovering government buildings, radio broadcast stations, and the central plaza. He plans, they say, to incarcerate huge numbers of people. This is spelled out as "Operation Iron" in a document prepared by the Oaxaca Public Security Office that APPO claims to have. The agents are supposed to include professional assassins called Zetas, corporate thugs, and former members of Special Forces. (The body of Jaime René Calvo, a high school math teacher murdered presumably by "agents" of Governor Ortiz. Image from Proceso) Oh, yes. And, for plausible deniability, some police.
One of the few good things about the US invasion of Iraq is that it's tied up so much of our troop strength that Bush can't send any out to help out FeCal and the PRI against AMLO and the Oaxacans, or to help out the Venezuelan elite against Hugo Chavez, who with Chinese and Indian assistance in developing his nation's heavy-oil reserves is poised to be not only the world's first pro-proletariat oil mogul, but the world's most powerful one as well.
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