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Guess who just got caught violating the tax code?

An event last night at Living Word Christian Center, a large suburban chuch in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, featuring Republican Congressional Candidate Michele Bachmann could cost the church its nonprofit tax status as the event appeared to endorse Bachmann for office. A personal endorsement from the pastor of the church, as well as Bachmann's own statements in her speech, appear to have violated regulations pertaining to partisan politicking by churches. Bachmann is in a tight race with Patty Wetterling, a race that's at the top of most election analysts lists in terms of importance and competitiveness. Churches that are tax exempt and file as a 501(c)3 organization are subject to most of the same rules that all other 501(c)3 nonprofits are subject to concerning political involvement: you must not show support for a candidate or political party. Just bringing a candidate for election to speak is risky business for nonprofits and churches. The best way to avoid the appearance of endorsement is to invite all candidates to the event or series of events. Equal time should be paid to all candidates to ensure implicit or explicit endorsement doesn't occur. Bachmann's opponents told me that they were not aware of any invites from Living Word having been sent to their campaigns. If a church or nonprofit does only invite one candidate to speak, the individual speaks only in a non-candidate capacity, and should not be referred to as a candidate for office.
Wanna know what makes this especially amusing? Michelle Bachmann's a TAX ATTORNEY. She, of all people, should know that what she did was against the law. She's either the most incompetent tax attorney in the state, or she's as corrupt as they come. Or, quite possibly, both.

Another one for Hypocrisy Watch.
dumass, bachmann did not violate any law. there were two university professors that teach nonprofit law on tv tonight that say this too. if anyone did violate the law , it was the pastor. nice try.
It will only cost the church its tax-exempt status if the IRS decides to pursue the violation. And since Bachmann is a Republican, what are the odds?
I predict the consequences will be more political than legal. Christians (the real kind, not the kind who hold political rallies in the temples in which they worship God) deeply dislike this abuse of the church.

With Bachmann down 8 points, I would bet this puts her completely out of reach.

As it should.
Poor Team Ramrod. He's scared - so scared he's resorting to hair-splitting and misdirection. He knows full well that if Pat Robertson can lose his tax-exempt status, Michelle's Republican church buddies can, too.

Oh, and I'm going to show off your comments to various fence-sitting friends of mine who still think that Republicans are straightforward straight-shooters who are always kind and polite. Thanks!
You should visit the Strib's Big Question, PW.

Team Ramrod appears to be a Republican operative with lots and lots of time on his/her hands.
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