Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Operation Iraqi Liberation

Bush said it.

The new Iraqi government has condemned violence from all quarters and agreed to a schedule for resolving issues, such as disarming illegal militias and death squads, sharing oil revenues, amending the Iraqi constitution, and reforming the de-Baathification process. [...] If we do not defeat the terrorists or extremists in Iraq, they will gain access to vast oil reserves.... [...] And I know it's incumbent upon our government and others who enjoy the blessings of liberty to help those moderates succeed because, otherwise, we're looking at the potential of this kind of world: a world in which radical forms of Islam compete for power; a world in which moderate governments get toppled by people willing to murder the innocent; a world in which oil reserves are controlled by radicals....
It's not a loony-tune tinfoil-hat America-hating-liberal conspiracy theory if it's true. And "what I tell you three times is true." We are in Iraq for the oil.
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