Saturday, October 28, 2006


Rich Get Richer, The Rest Get Screwed, Part II: Ezra Weighs In

No sooner did I finish disembowelling yet another FOX-and-Rush-brainwashed right-winger on the subject of why the average American is worse off economically than his or her parents were thirty-odd years ago, than I see this nifty column by Ezra Klein. Ezra not only does chapter and verse on the decline of Joe and Jane Average, he explains just why they're getting screwed.

Why are Americans worse off today than 30 years ago? I am not sure how that is possible so I would like more insight. Thank you.
Go click on the link I provided. That's why I put it up there. It's very easy to understand.
Oh, and if you're still confused (or if you're really a Republican who didn't bother to read the link, you're just interested in seeing how much time you can get me to waste providing cites you won't read), go here:
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