Saturday, October 07, 2006


Saturday Afternoon Pizza Blogging: The Sauceless Pizza

This lovely little eight-inch wee beastie is another of my MSR pan pizza projects. (If all you see above is a little red X, here's the direct link: The recipe is similar to the one I used last time out, with two major differences: No sauce, and no mushrooms. Instead, I acted on the recommendation of Kent, a frequent commenter over at Steve and Jen's News Blog, and used a "roasted" tomato with garlic. (Actually, I sauteed the tomato with the garlic and some olive oil; that removed most of the liquid, which was the point of the exercise.) Oh, and when I cooked the Italian sausage beforehand, I threw in a chopped Thai pepper, seeds and all, along with a touch of olive oil. I reserved the resulting grease and while the cooked sausage cooled in a bowl, the now-pepperfied oil flavored the tomatoes and garlic. I then set that aside to cool while I lined the MSR pan with dough and chopped up the onions and basil (and even a little dill, just for grins). The end result: Delicious.

That looks good, PW!
Thanks! It was good. (I'm glad that Blogger is finally relenting and showing the pic!)
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