Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Shame on us all

Parry says it History should record October 17, 2006, as the reverse of July 4, 1776. From the noble American ideal of each human being possessing “unalienable rights” as declared by the Founders 230 years ago amid the ringing of bells in Philadelphia, the United States effectively rescinded that concept on a dreary fall day in Washington. At a crimped ceremony in the East Room of the White House, President George W. Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 ... it creates a parallel “star chamber” system of criminal justice for anyone, including an American citizen, who is suspected of engaging in, contributing to or acting in support of violent acts directed against the U.S. government or its allies anywhere on earth. The law strips “unlawful combatants” and their alleged fellow-travelers of the fundamental right of habeas corpus, meaning that they can’t challenge their imprisonment in civilian courts... While incarcerated, the “unlawful combatants” and their cohorts can be subjected to coercive interrogations with their words used against them if and when they are brought to trial as long as a military judge approves. The military tribunals also could use secret evidence to prosecute a wide range of “disloyal” American citizens as well as anti-American non-citizens. The procedures are similar to “star chambers,” which have been employed historically by absolute monarchs and totalitarian states. Shame on us all, but especially on those who have remained silent or even supported the destruction of liberty.
When do the Stalinist purges begin?

If bloggers who oppose Bush are all shipped off to Halliburton-built camps, will there be wireless there, like at the Coffee Plantation?
You hear Olbermann's comment on habeas corpus, Shrimplate?

He tried to be even-handed, but it's very, very hard to be calm about the repeal of the fundamental legal right established nearly a millenium ago, the right not to be held without a chance for judicial review.

The good thing about prayer is it doesn't require an ISP.
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