Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sowing The Wind, Reaping The Whirlwind

The past few days have almost been enough to make me believe in the Hand of God. If not that, the ability of human beings to be their own worst enemies, given time and opportunity. Look at how the PredatorGate scandal has played out. As both Billmon and Glenn Greenwald have said, this can't have been planned by the Democrats for the simple reason that it's working so perfectly: Democrats just don't have the mindset, much less the skill set, needed to implement such a plan. And if that wasn't enough to whack away at the GOP base, we have Bill Frist, the Kitty Kevorkian, saying that the US needs to let the Taliban into the Afghan government -- a comment that has set off a firestorm among the conservative bloggers. (Of course, if we'd gone into Afghanistan with the force we used to invade Iraq, we would have nailed both Osama and the Taliban for good back in the fall of 2001. But Bush and the PNAC Platoon wanted to invade Iraq to set up those cherished bases of theirs. We can all see how well that's worked out.)

God works with a delicate hand, PW, turning strength into catastrophic weakness.

Would the United States have intervened in Iraq if it had been weaker? No. It would have conserved strength.

Would the United States have intervened in Iraq, even if it had been overwhelmingly strong, if it had acted ractionally? No.

Overwhelming strength seeks out a very human weakness, hubris, as the tool to tear down the strength.

Secular people look at this and see chance. But for religious people, this kind of social homeostasis is intelligent design at work.

Intelligent design which may well have been arrived at through another tool, evolution.
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