Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Stand Up. Keep Fighting.

Paul Wellstone: July 21, 1944 – October 25, 2002 I dreamed I saw Paul Wellstone As alive as you and me. Says I, 'But Paul, your plane went down.' 'I never died,' says he. 'Liberalism's still alive, Our cause has never died, Whoever fights for people's rights, Paul Wellstone's at your side!'
As far as I'm concerned, his Senate seat is vacant -- as the vacuity currently claiming to occupy it isn't worth a tinker's damn.
There is no way the mindless waste of space currently sitting in Paul Wellstone's seat in the United States Senate could possibly even begin to fill Paull Wellstone's shoes.

That person is not worthy. Period.

I remember when Paul Wellstone was running for re-election in 1996. I was concerned about his chances and I'd been online for about a year and a half or so by then. I found his website and emailed him a note of encouragement. I told him to keep up the good fight and that even though I was in Alaska, I felt he represented me much more than either Stevens or Murky.

I believe I sent him a little bit of money via money order on that same day, if memory serves. I think it was twenty bucks or so and would have been much more if I'd been gainfully employed (I was between jobs, long story) at the time.

He wrote back to me within a day and thanked me for that email.

Here's a guy running in a tough re-election race who took time out to personally write to someone 2,000 miles away from him who wasn't even a constituent.

Paul Wellstone was a special human being and I miss him and his wisdom in the United States Senate.

I think this lady is the only person I have ever met who could even hope to come close to standing in Paul Wellstone's shoes.

If we Alaskans elect her next month, perhaps we will show the rest of the country that Paul Wellstone's spirit is still alive.
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