Sunday, October 08, 2006


Sunday Morning PredatorGate News Roundup (So Far)

-- Contrary to the GOP/Media's whistling-in-the-dark bleatings, the PredatorGate scandal is already drawing obvious GOP blood. Less than two weeks ago, Tom Reynolds (R-NY) -- the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee and the man who with Hastert is supposed to be plotting the House Republicans' election strategy -- was leading his Democratic opponent Jack Davis 45%-43%. Then, a judge ruled that the Green Party (which is getting millions from the Republicans nationwide to leach votes from Democratic candidates) couldn't be on the ballot, and Davis suddenly took a 50%-45% lead as the Greens' 7% of the local vote switched to Davis. And now, in the first poll done since FoleyGate -- and Reynolds' role in covering it up -- came to light, Zogby shows Reynolds losing by fifteen points, 48%-33%. And this is in a heavily Republican district. Even if Reynolds could get the Greens back on the ballot, he's still doomed now, thanks to PredatorGate. There is no actual leadership in the GOP House caucus right now. Reynolds and Hastert are both preoccupied with staying alive by backstabbing each other; they don't have time for anything else. -- It's not just cyberstalking: The LA Times reports that a former page has stepped forward to say that Foley had been after him for years, but waited until the page was out of the page program before seducing him. Illegal? Probably not. Further infuriating to the Fundies? You betcha. -- But won't the rebounding economy help the Republicans? Well, it might, if it actually was rebounding for most Americans. But Bonddad over at DailyKos cuts through the GOP's gaslighting rather neatly.

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