Sunday, October 01, 2006


The Thing That Puzzles Me

Josh Marshall reminded us all earlier this morning that Tom DeLay was still House Majority Leader up to February of this year -- and that DeLay's power was built on his encyclopedic knowledge of his fellow GOP House members: Their tastes, behaviors, weaknesses, etc. I'm really surprised that Hastert (or Boehner, or Alexander, or even Reynolds) didn't have the brains to immediately try dumping all the responsibility for the Foley PredatorGate Cover-Up on DeLay. Think about how immediately blaming it all on DeLay would have solved everything as far as Denny and the gang were concerned: By blaming a guy no longer in power, Hastert could have kept up his Sergeant Schultz act and been largely believed. All it would have taken would have been for Hastert to have got hold of the principals and urged them to follow his lead in dumping this on DeLay. And since Foley was known to be DeLay's #1 toady in Congress, it would have been somewhat plausible that DeLay would have moved to protect him (or rather, not moved at all, since not moving would protect Foley better than anything). Granted, this wouldn't have squared with the timeline of events as we currently know them, but the GOP/Media Complex swallows far less believeable lies from Republicans every day and passes them on to us as if they were Gospel truth. But it's too late for Denny to even think about attempting this now.

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