Thursday, October 12, 2006


Thursday Morning News Roundup

-- Gallup and Pew both confirm that the evangelical voters are increasingly disenchanted with the GOP this election cycle. And the poll was taken before news of David Kuo's book hit the Internetz toobz. -- A Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that the top answer given for why gas prices are dropping is "upcoming election/political reasons." Looks like a critical mass of the voting-age population is connecting the dots between Bush's needs and the actions of his oil buddies. -- News that Bush (or at least the GOP Congress) was hoping wouldn't come out until AFTER the elections: Bush wants to keep current US troop levels in Iraq until at least 2010. Mission accomplished? -- USA Today confirms what we already knew: Very little vote fraud is committed by voters, so the voter-ID requirements the GOP's pushing are little more than efforts to suppress Democratic turnout.

I for one don't believe the gas price related to election item... mainly because gas prices are back on the rise here, something that wouldn't happen if they were being controlled politically...

Also if it was political pressure controlling them, why would the OPEC guys be so upset with their prices dropping (as I heard about a week ago from some news source but can't recall which one)?
Yeah, Fistandantulus, and you were also the one who didn't think there was anything the least bit wrong about HP's ransacking reporters's telephone records-- AND were graceless enough to fail to admit to having been wrong.

Your opinion and a $3 bill are equally valuable.

If the Republicans turn from politics into an all-girl marching band, you'll get a sex change operation.
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