Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Wednesday Blue Plate Special

French Fried Charlie Crist (Via Blogactive The real scandal alleged here is that his lover is a felon. __________________ And, via TPM, David Johnston warms up Renzi ala carte. This is an upgrade from the shady land deal that was previously reported: Law enforcement officials said that the most serious accusation involved Mr. Renzi’s sponsorship of legislation in 2003 that appeared to indirectly benefit the ManTech International Corporation, a communications company based in Virginia that employs Mr. Renzi’s father, Eugene, a retired Army general, as executive vice president.
The only way Story #1 could have been better is if the boyfriend in question was the Senate Majority Leader: "Pissed Crist Disses Frist Tryst".
I dunno, PW.

The Majority Leader seems to be pretty light in his loafers.

You may get your wish yet.
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