Thursday, November 30, 2006


Annals Of Pettiness

Further proof that C=MI: The belief that silly pettiness is a viable strategy for any given situation. To wit: -- The Big And Mighty Bush Administration, apparently stung by criticism that it has been cowed by tiny little North Korea reluctant to treat North Korea (which possesses nukes but no oil) as it did Saddam's Iraq (which had gobs of oil but no nukes), has decided to Get Tough on the dirty Commies: They're cutting off North Korea's iPod supply. Oooooh, scary. -- The lame-duck GOP Congress, apparently stung by the American people's wholesale rejection of Republicanism at the ballot box earlier this month, and hoping to force the Democrats to waste time cleaning up the GOP's messes, flatly refused to pass the fiscal-year 2007 budget bills needed to keep the government running -- even though Fiscal Year 2007 started on October 1. Too bad for these lazy clods that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have decided to keep Congress open for most of January. Waaaaah! Poor widdle Republican baaaabies! They needed the holidays to hold fundraisers to pay off their campaign debts -- but instead they now have to work on the debts they ran up on America's credit cards first. Awwwwww. -- GOP operative Ed Rogers takes a schoolboy's glee in noticing that Barack Obama's middle name is (gasp!) Hussein! (Which, considering how common the name "Hussein" is where Obama's dad came from, would be kinda like attacking Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens for having the same first name as his fellow Republican, the notorious rapist and serial killer Ted Bundy.) Meanwhile, the fine people of Illinois couldn't possibly care less.

And what, exactly, is Ed Rogers' problem with Senator Obama being named after our friend and ally the late King Hussein of Jordan?
In a nation where imams can get handcuffed and questioned for praying, being concerned for the well-being of a blind man, and not sitting in one place in the plane, you have to ask?
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