Friday, November 17, 2006



According to Andrew Taylor of the Associated Press, the election for Republican minority leader was a "spirited campaign", but the election for Democratic majority leader was a "rancorous battle". I can't decide which is more atrocious: the way the news media are exaggerating (even inventing) differences within the Democratic Party, or the way they're soft-pedalling the problems within the Republican Party. Taylor's report includes telling details:

[Boehner's] elevation to succeed Hastert as the party's front line leader came despite unrest within the rank and file.... Rep. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., won a 137-57 vote to keep his post as whip... he defeated Arizona conservative Rep. John Shadegg despite sentiment for fresh leadership faces. [...] Many GOP lawmakers feel the party strayed from its conservative roots and that their leaders fostered a culture in which retaining power seemed more important than sticking with principles. [Boehner's challenger Mike] Pence argued that Republicans needed to adopt a new, more aggressive attitude now that the party is entering the minority. He said the lure of power caused them to drift away from principles such as curbing federal spending.
That sounds to me like conflict over the Republican Party's philosophy, direction, and strategy. And there are other signs that the Republicans will be too busy fighting amongst themselves to organize effective opposition to the majority party's agenda. But you won't find "Republicans in disarray" or "divided Republicans" in the news reports. We may have new leaders and a new agenda in Congress, but for the so-called liberal media, it's still business as usual.
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