Saturday, November 11, 2006


The Doctor Makes House Calls!

This makes my day, week, and very likely month:

Labour has enlisted one of the engineers of this week's Democratic victory in the US midterm elections in an attempt to boost its flagging fortunes before the local elections in May. Howard Dean, the former presidential candidate and one of the men credited with masterminding the trouncing of the Republicans, will visit the UK next month to brief party officials about his pioneering campaigning techniques. "The Welsh, Scottish and local elections next year are our midterms," said Hazel Blears, Labour's chair. "It has to be done differently for us to carry on being successful ... We're looking at how [the Democrats] have upped their game."
Now we see why Carville's been planting shivs in Dean's back -- he's upset that Dean got the consulting gig he wanted. But wait! There's more!
Labour is particularly interested in the Democrats' style of targeting grassroots voters through low-key meetings in homes. "We want to look at their experience in campaigning, getting out the vote, holding house meetings where people can come together ... You don't want to transplant American politics, but there's a lot we can share," said Ms Blears. Many political observers will regard the drafting in of Mr Dean as bizarre, given that the Democratic victory was largely founded on voters' anger about the war in Iraq - the very subject which has alienated many Labour supporters and on which Mr Dean has been so outspoken. But Ms Blears believes Labour can benefit from the tactics used so effectively by the chairman of the Democratic national committee. "Part of [their new success] is politics, but it's also about organisation," she said. She also said Labour could benefit from the so-called "viral" tactics Mr Dean helped pioneer. "Politics is increasingly local and decentralised ... People go to people they trust for word-of-mouth recommendations. It's about like-minded people talking, with concentric circles of campaigning, rather than about a political message from the centre."
But this is about more than tactics and techniques. This is the surest sign that the New-Labour pro-Bush-War Blairites no longer control the party. No way would Poodle Boy have allowed this even six months ago. But he has no choice now.

Good catch, Sra. Phoenix.

Thees does eendeed go a long way toward explaining Copperhead Carville's latest declamations, no?

That is too, too funny. I fired off an e-mail to my guys at the TN state party yesterday when I read Carville's bizarre comments yesterday. I swore to kick him in the nuts for dragging poor Harold into his little pissing contest. (Yeah, yeah, I know. But I worked so hard on this election, I grew rather fond of the guy.)

Had to share this one with them, too.
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