Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Everybody Loves a Winner

Well, maybe not everybody; but according to a post-election Gallup Poll, the Democrats have a 57% approval rating and only 33% disapproval; 48% think the country will be better off with the Democrats controlling Congress (10% more than just before the election); and when asked who should have more influence over the direction the nation takes, 61% said the Democrats, vs. 33% who chose Bush. So the Democrats begin with a comfortable cushion of support for implementing their agenda. I don't have much hope that this will convince the so-called liberal media to report on what the Democrats actually do instead of on what the Republicans and rightwing hate-talkers say about them. But I won't mind being wrong about that.

I hate to sound cynical (OK, that's a big lie) but I think now that the republicans are down a notch, it would be a good time to kick their tiny little brains out.

Leahy wants to rescind some of their more odious legislation, and Biden has said there will be investigations into the Iraq war. Good starts.

Investgate their wrongdoings and repeal their attempts to sideskirt the Bill of Rights. I can't be the only person who likes the sound of that.

It's all about values. Our progressive values, which oddly have been turned on their heads into values which wich to "conserve/preserve" our Constitution.
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