Friday, November 17, 2006


Friday Afternoon News Roundup

-- Likely massive coverup involving John Sweeney (R-NY) and his domestic abuse case. Seems that he leaned on the NYSP to punish the detective pursuing his alleged abuse of his wife. (But the Democrats are in disarray!) -- Holy Joe Lieberman's been shut out of his own Potemkin party:

John Orman, esrtwhile Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, had bolted the party and joined the Connecticut for Lieberman party. Then, since he is the only member of the party (he checked with the Secretary of State), he called a meeting of himself at which he was democratically elected to be the Chairman of the party.
You must read this statement of Orman's. I am not worthy. -- Patrick Leahy, doing the job we elected him to do: Upholding the Constitution.

Damn, it's posts like this that make me (very briefly) sorry I'm on vacation. I'm saving the link just in case there's no news when I get back.
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