Saturday, November 04, 2006


Friday+1 Cat Blogging

Equal time for the Ladycat. Lightfoot keeping me company

Purrrrrr. Love the white whiskers.
What is all that stuff on him? A black winter coat? Miro doesn't have that all over his body. ;)

When Miro was about two years old, he got his very first whisker. What made it really funny was that is was short, white, and the only one on his little snoot. For about a year, he was "Li'l Vone Vhite Vhiskah" (in that ersatz Kung-Fu teevee show sense).

Nowadays, he has a full set and they are all black. However, they are kinked and crooked, long and short, and still oh-so-funny.
That's Lady Lightfoot, the elder of MEC's two cat masters. (The other is Alex, who we saw yesterday.)

I like to think of the white whiskers as very long (relative to the kitty's size) cigarette holders.
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