Monday, November 06, 2006


Great Moments In GOP Direct Mail Irony

This is for the House, a direct-mail ad on behalf of a New York State Republican named Randy Kuhl. The ad implies that Democrats will attack your womenfolk or some such. As the person who originally posted this stated, the funny thing here is that Randy Kuhl once got massively drunk and threatened his wife with not one but TWO shotguns.

Whoops. Sorry, I dozed off.

Kuhl's point is that there are dangerous people out there who will attack women, and Kuhl knows because he's one of them.

Vote for Kuhl, or else.
No worries, Charles. I was 'aheming' the weird spammer whose evidence of mental instability I sent into digital oblivion. :-)
Two shotguns, one for each IQ point.
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