Monday, November 06, 2006


I Just Had An Epiphany

I just realized that so long as we won the House and got rid of Joe Lieberman, I don't much care if we win the Senate. I really don't. Dumping Mister "let's give my Republican buddies fake 'bipartisan' cover" Holy Joe is worth picking up five Senate seats in itself, because without him around to confound Democratic message and other discipline, it'll be much easier for Harry Reid to hold the caucus together.

I agree. It'll be good to pick up senate seats but I'm just not that edgy about winning it all.

I'm hoping my local House folks are going to win.
Senate = Judges

We need the Senate more than the House.

That's one reason I am pessimistic that we can repair things without simply declaring a Second Republic. The judiciary is stacked with Kool Aid drinkers.

That same problem almost brought down the economic recovery of the New Deal. Judicial interference was so serious that it led FDR to propose to "pack" the court-- to add enough members to outvote the 'wingers. The public didn't swing behind that idea leaving FDR weakened and the nation still scrambling to get its industrial plant functioning when World War II arrived.

The Senate is also where appointees for the cabinet and junior levels are interviewed and it is the body that signs treaties.

I have no idea what will happen tomorrow. But I may write a post about what needs to happen, win or lose.
Senate = Judges

Bush = Nominees. He's not as rational as Nixon, who eventually gave up lobbing corrupt and scummy judges like Carswell at the Senate Democratic Caucus (which in any event was not under constant media attack the way Democrats are attacked today). Nothing the Democrats do will cause Bush to nominate good or even competent people for any openings. Period.

As for treaties and the like: Bush will merely ignore them, or tack on signing statements.

The House, meanwhile, has subopena power. And that's the one thing that will truly keep him hobbled -- and hamstring the GOP. The House has historically been where the action is. People forget that the Senate's recent period of dominance (a period that ended when Newt Gingrich and then Tom DeLay controlled the House and made the Senate dance to their tune -- remember how meekly the GOP Senate caucus went along with the impeachment nonsense?) existed largely because of Lyndon Baines Johnson, whose record as a President pales in comparison with his power as a Senator. He invested so much power in the upper house that it was a real demotion for him to accept the job of being Kennedy's running mate. Even as President he never wielded as much pure undiluted power.
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