Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I Just Have To Say

House Judiciary Chair John Conyers. House Governmental Affairs Chair Henry Waxman. Subpoena power. Sweet.

Yes, MEC.

The nation begins to waken from its nightmare.

Dear Lord.
hellz yes. let the gavel'n begin.
I feel much better today than I did yesterday. And in my SD in which R's held the senate and both house seats we got the senate and one of the house seats! And the other we lost by less than 1% with a first time candidate. I know if he (and I hope he does) runs again he will win that one too.

Things look so good nationally. And we've got SoS, Auditor, and AG.

Oh-- and don't forget The Honorable Keith Ellison.

The very first Muslim in the US House of Representatives.
Keith just beat both Alan Fine and Tammy (The Grudge) Lee like gongs. I imagine the heads of several local racists are exploding right now.
And the Senate right now is a 50-50 tie, and they're still counting in Montana.
Both Montana and Virginia are in doubt, and Conrad Burns is doubtless minting ballots even as we speak.
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